Short Bio

Dawan “Wanny Boy” Brown

Dawan “Wanny Boy” Brown, is a 13yr old African American Entertainer out of West Philadelphia, born January 13th 2006 to his mother, Dawn Brooks and late father, Jojuan Brown Sr who unfortunately passed when Wanny Boy was just 3 months old.

Wanny Boy always had an interest in the entertainment arts, especially since discovering dollarboyz entertainment youth group’s videos on youtube dating back to 2012. His dreams would come true 3 years later when dollarboyz expanded its home base to West Philadelphia and he was able to actively participate in its activities.

Wanny Boy’s talents glowed especially since being apart of the Philadelphia Boys & Girls Choir since 2013, The CEO of the group, Tyree “TOPDOLLAR” Dumas extended an invitation to be apart of the dollarboyz performance team.

As of 2019 Wanny Boy is now a Signed entertainer apart of dollarboyz entertainment label where he is starting his career as a solo artist. Stay tuned and witness history as Wanny Boy’s success blossoms continually.


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